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3 Values New Venture Grace is Committed to as our Church Doors Reopen


CDC - Religious institutions should provide soap and hand sanitizers, encourage use of cloth masks and clean their facilities daily if they want to open while the coronavirus is still spreading.

NVG - New Venture Grace has been maintaining the campus since its temporary closing earlier this year, through daily maintenance. The church & it’s offices have been completely disinfected & sanitized. Expect to be greeted by warm loving ministry Partners, and complementary face masks, thermometer screenings, touchless hand sanitizers, and plenty of room! God is HERE for us... and we’re here for you!

CDC - Churches... Should promote social distancing and consider limiting the sharing of objects such as books and hymnals. 

NVG - New Venture Grace is committed to social distancing, as you'll notice as soon as you arrive on campus by clearly displayed signage, as well as affixed signage for foot placement - outdoors, as well as indoors in the Living Room and Worship Center. Our goal for our reinstituted worship service at 10:00 am Sunday mornings, are for a great experience - worshiping God, studying His Word and connecting with God and His people - experienced within a comfortable, contact-free environment. Check it out, we think you'll love it! 

CDC - Provide physical guides such as tape on floors, walkways, and signs on wall, to ensure that staff and congregants remain at least 6 feet apart in lines and at other times as needed. 

NVG - Standing markers are clearly taped outdoors in the courtyard, in the Living Room and Worship Center to ensure the safety and minimum 6’ social distancing of all participants. Frontline, Safety Teams, and Campus Hosts are strategically placed indoors and outdoors throughout the worship and campus to assist with Social Distancing, temperature testing complementary masks, gloves, touchless hand-sanitizers stations, and a 100% ‘Contact-free’ experience. 

CDC - Offerings should be collected in a contact-free manner. Consider a stationary collection box or electronic methods of collecting regular financial contributions instead of through shared collection trays or baskets. 

NVG - Offering envelopes are made available for all participants and are dropped in 4‘ x 3’ open-ended Giving containers at both exits, upon departure, making for contact-free giving. 

CDC - Consider whether physical contact (e.g. shaking hands, hugging, or kissing) can be limited among members of the faith community. 

NVG - We are committed to the safety and well-being of all in attendance. Our safety team will graciously and purposefully ensure that our loving church family will refrain from displays of greetings and closeness through physical contact to ensure a contact-free and safe worship experience for all. Together we can ‘do this! 

CDC - If food is offered at any event, consider pre-packaged options and avoid buffet or family-style meals if possible. 

NVG - Our Connections Cafe and food court on campus, are closed And unavailable for dining, as we continue to do our part in fighting Covid-19 

CDC - Offer people the option of not coming together as a group. 

NVG - Seating in the Worship Center, for our 1-hour service has been strategically prepared with hundreds of seats, allowing for social distancing, extra-wide aisles, group seating for families, those who drive in together, as well as all the individuals who join us. A comfortable seating environment, with areas for parents with children, singles, and fresh air circulation await all who attend. 

CDC - Consider virtual activities and events instead of in-person youth group meetings and religious education classes, as feasible. 

NVG - All gatherings at New Venture Grace at present are happening through Online and virtual presentations. Our Kids World and Student Ministries programs presently are not meeting, and any Small Groups presently meeting are doing - and enjoying it - Online through Zoom VIdeo-Conferencing. 

CDC - Continue to provide congregants with spiritual and educational care and counseling on a flexible or virtual basis 

NVG - All One-on-One & counseling meetings take place virtually through NVG’s Counseling, Connections, Care Callers, and You've Got a Friend Ministry Depts.


Pastor Shawn


Upon your return: What you can expect to ensure an Enjoyable, Safe and God-Honoring experience

Protective Gloves

Safety Masks and Coverings

Thermometer Screenings for all Staff, Partners & Attendees

Sanitizing Stations

Social Distancing Mats

Environmentally disinfected & sanitized church and campus

It’s Time to Gather Again...Here's What You Can Expect!

Join us on the New Venture Grace Campus, as we give THANKS for what God has done - and PRAISE for the exciting new season of Ministry before us all!!

This special day will also see God’s people gather together in places of worship - for PRAYER, PRAISE and HEALING, all on Pentecost Sunday - the day where the birth of the church began - by the coming of the promised Holy Spirit!! As the doors of His church open up once again, we believe a new move of God’s spirit is going to be unleashed on New Venture Grace. Not only are our best days ahead of us.... our best days are HERE!

Special Note: When our doors reopen next week (May 31st), if you don't feel ready to return quite yet, due to age, health concerns of yourself or a loved one, or maybe even some fears, We encourage you to use wisdom, stay at home, watch Online and enjoy the experience!

The Holy Spirit will prompt you on the best time for you to return. And you can be sure - we'll be here, and look forward to welcoming you back 

We love you, we miss you and we look forward to all being back together soon!



When did all this Covid-19 Get Started? 

A pneumonia of unknown cause was detected in Wuhan, China and reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31st, 2019. Being regional at the time, it was deemed an EPIDEMIC (i.e. Local and Regional). The outbreak drew International concern one month later, on Jan. 30,2020 and subsequently moved to PANDEMIC (i.e. International / Global) status. On February 11th, 2020, WHO announced a name for the new coronavirus disease: ‘COVID-19’, due to the year of initial discovery. 


Why did New Venture Grace have to temporarily Shut its Doors to Sunday Services? 

On March 15th 2020, New Venture for the first time in our 30 year history, along with all other churches across the Nation - nearly 400,000, - were prohibited from and ordered to refrain from corporate gatherings of worship, due to concerns of accelerating the spread of the highly-contagious global disease. 

Is the Health & Protection of our Church Family a Key Consideration in All of This? 

Absolutely... both physically and spiritually! “I pray... that you are as healthy in body as you are strong in spirit” 3 John 1:2. Our concern for the health and well-being of all our church family, has always been and will continue to be a key factor in our decisions. Particularly the youngest amongst us, as well as the oldest. In this case, those most susceptible to contracting the disease (i.e. those 65 yrs of age & older, preexisting health conditions, etc.)

What Has New Venture Grace done to keep our Church Family Connected to God and Each Other over the Past 2 months? 

We prayerfully came up with a four-phase plan spearheaded by New Ventures ‘Connections Team’ (Note: we are grateful for the invaluable input and counsel of our ‘sister-church,’ Grace Woodlands, in Houston Texas) 

1. CARE CALLERS - Over 2,000 phone calls were made to all in our church directory for check-in, fellowship & prayer. 

2. YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND - For those feeling Isolated, fearful, lonely, or merely desirous of a weekly phone call or Bible study, these ‘Partner-friends’ provided that.

3. CANNED GOODS & PEANUT BUTTER DRIVE - For those who had a need, they could come to the campus and receive food items. And for those who wanted to help with needs - they could drop off food at the NVG Campus - both groups needs were met! 

4. MEALS ON WHEELS - For those who couldn't get out for food or other necessities, by calling the church office, NVG would call a food delivery service have food or groceries delivered to the requesting party. 


Major THANKS and and ‘PROPS’ to the near 30 Partners involved in New Venture Graces’ CONNECTIONS TEAM!! 

During a very desperate time... because of your tireless, sacrificial efforts over the past 10 weeks, you touched lives and encouraged hearts throughout our church family and the surrounding community!! YOU DID IT! 

What the devil meant for evil God has used for good! Genesis 50:20